Weather Intelligence Systems

Whitehills Junxion,
Whitehills Close,
South Africa

Company Profile

Weather Intelligence Systems, T/a AfricaWeather is part owned by Weatherzone, Australia’s largest commercial meteorological services provider. Together, AfricaWeather and Weatherzone are the largest suppliers of lightning detection, meteorological services and weather information to the mining sector in the world. AfricaWeather provides state of the art weather risk management solutions in Africa.

Our wide range of products service industries such as insurance, energy, education, mining, construction, sports, transport, aviation and media. Our continental service includes forecasts, current conditions and live storm and lightning tracking in South Africa and Africa. Our clients realise considerable productivity gains through improved planning around weather and avoid inefficiencies, which occur due to severe weather.

AfricaWeather provides critical tools for client’s operations around the clock. Systems notify relevant personnel when severe weather such as storms and lightning will impact operations – a few hours to more than a week in advance.