Synoptic Data PBC

Salt Lake City, UT

Company Profile

Synoptic Data PBC is a leader in the aggregation and dissemination of environmental data. With more than 290 networks, Synoptic delivers real-time access to more than 60,000 weather stations and more than 70,000 archived stations. Additionally, Synoptic offers vertical, vehicle, and aircraft data for use in Numerical Weather Prediction, weather forecasting, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and other applications.


With clients in government, academia, and private industry, Synoptic provides a centralized data repository, robust quality control, and easy access via a flexible and powerful API. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Synoptic demonstrates its commitment to all stakeholders by providing access to data to enhance public safety, improve productivity of governments and industry, and to assist in the research and advancement of Earth systems.