Reports on Meetings and Events of Interest to Members in 2009

Report – CIMO Expert Team on Regional Instrument Centres, Quality Management Systems and Commercial Instrument Initiatives (Reduced meeting), Casablanca, Morocco, 4-5 December 2009
Please see the report from
Mr J. Zillmer from Theodor Friedrichs here

Report – COST ES702, Integrated Ground-based Observations of Essential Variables for Climate and Operational Meteorology, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal 24-26 November
This was the fourth session of this COST action. HMEI had three members involved with this action: R. Lehtinen from Vaisala; W. Sokolowski from Jenoptic; and L. Sauvage from Leosphere.

HMEI would like to thank Mr. R. Lehtinen from Vaisala for the report which can be seen here

Report – 3rd Session of the Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM-III), Marrakesh, Morocco, 4-11 November 2009
No HMEI representative attended this meeting. However the HMEI Executive Secretary, Bruce Sumner, has a good working relationship with both the JCOMM Co-President, Peter Dexter, and with the CIMO Secretariat Liaison with JCOMM, Etienne Charpentier. Therefore we have had good feedback from this meeting regarding the on-going co-operation between JCOMM and HMEI. As a result HMEI has received notification that the a statement will be in the final report of the meeting – please see here.

Report – HMEI experts at Management Committee for the CHy Project on the Assessment of the Performance of Flow Measurement Instruments & Techniques, Geneva, Switzerland, 18-19 November, 2009
Following an invitation from WMO, HMEI sent expert member representatives to this meeting. Dr Skripalle from SEBA attended as the HMEI expert representative. Mr R. Haimelin from Vaisala also attended as an expert, HMEI thanks Mr Haimelin for the HMEI report available here.

CIMO Expert Team on Meteorological Radiation and Atmospheric Composition Measurements (Second Session)
Davos, Switzerland, 14-18 September 2009

The HMEI expert representative at this meeting was Joop Mes from Kipp & Zonen.

The WMO report of this meeting is available at:

1st INTER-PROGRAMME Expert Team ON DATA REPRESENTATION & CODES, Geneva, Switzerland, 15-18 September 2009
The HMEI expert on this ET is Michal Weis from IBL. Mr Weis attended the meeting and is now a participating expert working actively with the team and representing the industry perspective.

The amendments to the Manual on Codes, which were approved during the meeting and which will be validated before end of October 2009, will be submitted for approval by WMO Members in accordance with the procedure for adoption of amendments between CBS sessions.

The final WMO report is now available at:

Report – Regional Association 6 (RA-VI) (Europe) 15th Session, Brussels, Belgium, 16-24 September 2009
THMEI Members attending as HMEI representatives at this meeting were:
Rémy Pepin – Modem; Allyson Turnbull – EEC; Mike Ueltzen – The Republic Group; and Rob Doornbos – Vaisala.

Allyson Turnbull and Michael W. Ueltzen from Enterprise Electronics Corporation provided the following report of the RA-VI meeting.

Report – 1st ITU/WMO Seminar on use of Radio Spectrum for Meteorology, Geneva, Switzerland, 16-18 September 2009
This meeting was preceded by a two day meeting of the
WMO Steering Group on Radio Frequency Coordination (SG-RFC); the official SG-RFC report was sent to HMEI by Mr Ikonen and there is a link to it included in this report.

The seminar was attended and the report made by the the Executive Secretary, Bruce Sumner and the HMEI Administrator, C. Charstone.
The HMEI report of the seminar is available here

Report – 1st Meeting of the WMO-BIPM Workshop Steering Committee, Paris, France, 22 June 2009
The meeting was attended by the HMEI Administrator, C. Charstone, deputizing for the Executive Secretary as he was at the Intercomparison meeting noted below. Ms. Charstone made the report for HMEI.
The HMEI report of the event is available here

Report – Joint CIMO Expert Team on Surface-based Instrument Intercomparisons and Calibration Methods, Seventh (reduced) Session, and International Organizing Committee (IOC) on Surface-based Intercomparisons, Seventh (reduced) Session (ET-IOC-SBII-7), Sestola, Italy, 22 – 27 June 2009
The HMEI Executive Secretary, Bruce Sumner attended
and reported on this meeting for HMEI.
The HMEI report of the event is available here

Report – 61st Session of the WMO Executive Council (EC-LXI), Geneva, Switzerland, 3-12 June 2009
Bruce Sumner, HMEI Executive Secretary and Christine Charstone the HMEI Administrator attended this meeting and made the report for HMEI.
The HMEI report of the event is available here

Report – 5th Session of the Joint WMO/IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology (JCOMM) Ships Observation Team (SOT) Geneva, Switzerland, 18-22 May 2009
Rémy Pepin from Modem, Aki Lilja from Vaisala, Bruce Sumner, HMEI Executive Secretary and Christine Charstone the HMEI Administrator attended this meeting.
The HMEI report of the event is available here

Report – Regional Association IV (North America, Central America and the Caribbean) 15th session (XV-RA IV), Nassau, Bahamas, 24 April-1 May 2009
Attendes representing HMEI were: Robert Doornbos – Vaisala and Ed Figelman – Proton, Mike Ueltzen – Enterprise Electronics Corporation, Rick Villavicencio and Ricardo Rivero – Selex-Gematronic. Thanks go to Robert Doornbos from Vaisala and Ed Figelman from Proton for providing the information in this report.
The HMEI report of the event is available here

Report – Commission for Basic Systems (CBS) Technical conference on WMO Integrated Global Observing System (TECO-WIGOS), 23-24 March, 2009 and Commission for Basic Systems Fourteenth Session (CBS XIV), 25 March to 2 April, 2009, Dubrovnik, Croatia
This is a report, by B. Sumner and C. Charstone, from the HMEI Secretariat who attended the meeting. The report includes the very successful Exhibition at CBS, which many HMEI members attended. The HMEI report of the event is available here.

FRANCE, 25-27 MARCH 2009
Mr. Jaakko Ikonen from Vaisala attended this meeting, represented HMEI and made this report, for which HMEI thanks him.
The HMEI report of the event is available here.

Report – COST Action ES0702, 3rd Management Committee (MC3) & Working Group (WG) Meeting,
Oslo, Norway, 18-20 March 2009

HMEI was represented by Raisa Lehtinen from Vaisala, who is a Finnish representative expert on the EG-CLIMET Working Group 1- Instrumentation. HMEI thanks Raisa Lehtinen for this report. Raisa’s HMEI report of the event is available here.

Report – GCOS/GRUAN Implementation-Coordination Meeting (ICM-1), Norman, OK, USA, 2-4 March 2009
HMEI was invited to attend this meeting as an observer. HMEI Councillor, Fred Clowney from International Met Systems attended as a HMEI representative and has supplied the report below, for which HMEI thanks him. Mr Clowney’s HMEI report of the event is available here. The GCOS Final Report of the meeting is also now available here.

Report – Minutes of the General Assembly of Members at AMS 2009, Phoenix, USA, 13 January 2009
The HMEI report of the event is available here.

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