2016 has been an eventful year thus far with a number of activities occupying my time and also that of the Secretariat team in Geneva.

I would like to begin by congratulating Dr Denis Kiselev from Plair SA on winning the 2016 HMEI Award for Young Engineers for his work ‘Mastering a Measurement Device and Methods for the Detection of Airborne Particles’.

2016 HMEI Young Engineer Award presentation (L-R) Ms Robyn Thomas (Administrator of HMEI), Mr Brian Day (HMEI Chairman & CEO of Campbell Scientific Canada), Dr Denis Kiselev (Award winner & CEO of Plair SA), Dr Alexander Karpov (Executive Secretary of HMEI)

2016 HMEI Young Engineer Award presentation (L-R) Ms Robyn Thomas (Administrator of HMEI), Mr Brian Day (HMEI Chairman & CEO of Campbell Scientific Canada), Dr Denis Kiselev (Award winner & CEO of Plair SA), Dr Alexander Karpov (Executive Secretary of HMEI)

One of the priorities has been the work being undertaken on the Tenders Specifications Project. Once the World Bank agreed to fund the project, a consultant was employed to write the document. This work is ongoing and I would like to thank Dr Foeke Kuik for taking the lead on the development as well as the many volunteers from the HMEI membership who have assisted with reviewing the draft document. Once the documentation is completed HMEI will be submitting the final draft to the World Bank and WMO for approval and adoption.

Many of you visited the HMEI stand at Meteorological Technology World Expo 2016 in Madrid and viewed the demonstration of the internet tool for the preparation of tenders designed and created by our volunteer Mr Gerhard Pevny from Logotronic. I would like to thank Gerhard for all his hard work and time taken in the service of the Association. It is only with dedication such as Gerhard’s that the Association is able to deliver to the world something that has never been done before in our industry.

Demonstration of Tender Specifications internet tool by Mr Gerhard Pevney (CEO of Logotronics & creator of internet tool)

Demonstration of Tender Specifications internet tool by Mr Gerhard Pevney (CEO of Logotronics & creator of internet tool)








Another activity of the Secretariat was the preparation of the 18th session of the HMEI General Assembly (GA-18) that was held in conjunction with Meteorological Technology World Expo 2016 in Madrid. Discussion revolved around Tender Specification project status, Council elections, the presentation of the prize for the HMEI Award for Young Engineer  and the future strategic direction of the Association.

I would like to welcome a new member to the HMEI Council. Mr Graham Johnson from UKIP Media and Events was elected as Councilor responsible for Website Development/Oversight. He replaces Mr Ashish Raval from Sutron who has served on the HMEI Council since 2012. I would like to thank Ashish for his services to HMEI, and in particular, for his advice and willingness to give time in establishing the current HMEI Website. Without his input we would not have the wonderful website we have today.

I finish by wishing all members every success in their work and continued contributions to the activities of HMEI.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Day

Chairman, HMEI

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HMEI welcomes the following New Members who have joined recently:

721 W 1800 N
Logan, UT 84321
Email : devin.overly@apogeeinstruments.com
Website : www.apogeeinstruments.com
Apogee Instruments was started in 1996 by Dr. Bruce Bugbee, a professor of crop physiology at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. As a researcher, Dr. Bugbee often had a need for instrumentation that did not exist or that was too costly for his department’s budget. As an eager scientist and avid inventor, Bruce began creating and manufacturing his own research-quality instruments in his garage for a fraction of the price. Word spread among the academic community, and requests for Dr. Bugbee’s instruments began coming in from around the world. Apogee Instruments, Inc. was born.

Apogee Instruments has become a respected leader in the manufacture of innovative, durable, and accurate environmental instruments. Our instruments have been trusted for thousands of applications around the globe. Our passion for research and attention to detail in manufacturing, has made our products renowned for cost effective measurement technology.

Shibaura 3-2-19,
Minato Ku,
Tokyo, 108-0023
Email: jamesm@delairco.com
Website: www.delairco.co.jp
Delairco is a manufacturer and system integrator for Automatic Weather Stations, Hydrology Stations, Satellite Data Ground Stations, Software for processing and management weather data from these systems. They provide full turnkey solutions including installation and civil works.

1492 Ferntree Gully Road,
Knoxfield, Victoria, 318098
Email: info@ecotech.com
Website: www.ecotech.com

Ecotech is a world leading manufacturer and provider of tailored environmental monitoring solutions. We are known for customised solutions that meet the toughest demands. We are acutely aware of the ever changing nature of our world and the need to stay connected with the developments. As such, we continually challenge ourselves to find ways to improve our product offering in greenhouse gases and aerosol and atmospheric research. Our collaborative work with the global research community funnels the insight for continuous innovation of products to support research and science.

Ecotech. Problem Solved.

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It has been an interesting three months since the last HMEI Newsletter and there are a number of items to report:

1. Meteorological Technology World Expo and HMEI General Assembly (GA-18)
The Secretariat organized and co-ordinated with UKIP Media, WMO and SatCom Forum our participation in the activities in Madrid. While there the 18th Session of the HMEI General Assembly was held. The Minutes of the meeting will be available shortly. In the meantime, all documentation for the meeting can be viewed at http://www.hmei.org/general-assembly/

The timing, venue and logistical support was closely coordinated with the Meteorological Technology World Expo organizers and we wish to thank them for their support.

We thank all members and delegates attending MTWE who visited us at our stand.

2. Election of new member of HMEI Council
The election for the upcoming vacancy on the HMEI Council of Councilor responsible for Web Site development / Oversight took place during the month of September. This election saw the introduction of a new electronic voting system to make voting easier and to increase membership participation. Thank you to all members who voted.

We welcome Mr Graham Johnson from UKIP Media and Events as our new member of Council responsible for Website Development/Oversight. He replaces Mr Ashish Raval from Sutron Corporation who has held the post since 2012. We thank Ashish for his dedication and work during his term.

3. Tender Specification Project
In recent days the Secretariat has received the second document relating to the project from our consultant within the frame of our contract with the World Bank. In accordance with the contract, the document has been forwarded to the World Bank for approval.

4. Coordination Meeting with World Bank and WMO
At the request of the World Bank, the Secretariat, representatives from WMO met to discuss the HMEI Tender Specifications Project. The World Bank are particularly keen to have WMO support the project once it reaches it appropriate stage.

5. HMEI 2016 Membership contributions
Invoices for the 2016 membership contributions were emailed to members during the month of November. We would like to remind all members that membership contributions were due as of 1 January 2016. The Secretariat has endeavoured to streamline the payment of membership fees such as with the introduction of credit card payment facilities. To avoid any interruptions in service, we would kindly request prompt payment. Please contact the Secretariat if you have any queries: hmei@wmo.int .

To members who are intending or have registered to exhibit at Meteorological Technology World Expo 2017 are reminded that only current financial members are eligible for the 10% discount on their stand.

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Members who would like to have their new products appear in the HMEI Newsletter, please send details and a photograph to robyn@hydrometeoindustry.org

AXYS Technologies – TRIAXYS Wave Buoy Now Available with AIS Aid to Navigation

TRIAXYS Directional Wave Buoy with AIS aid to navigation

TRIAXYS Directional Wave Buoy with AIS aid to navigation

AXYS Technologies (AXYS) announces the addition of AIS vessel tracking to their signature wave buoy series, TRIAXYS. The SRT Chronos Aid to Navigation (AtoN) AIS is an IALA and IEC compliant device that broadcasts buoy position and weather information to local vessel traffic.

This new feature both protects the buoy from collision by notifying vessels of its whereabouts and can also act as an additional telemetry method, providing data within radio range.

The TRIAXYS AIS implementation supports both message 21 data, which displays buoy information and position data on the AIS channel of passing vessels, and message 8 data transmission.

The TRIAXYS Buoy is a precision instrument incorporating advanced technologies that make it an easy to use and reliable buoy for accurate measurement of directional waves and ocean currents in real time. Economical and rugged, the TRIAXYS Buoy can withstand the rigours associated with deployment and recovery operations. The TRIAXYS is the only 1m wave buoy on the market that can support an industry standard ADCP for water column current speed and direction profiling.

For further information contact AXYS at: info@axys.com or www.axystechnologies.com


Gill Instruments Ltd – Superior solar measurement performance from the new MaxiMet GMX101 Weather Station

MaxiMet GMX101

MaxiMet GMX101

MaxiMet GMX101 further expands the MaxiMet range of compact weather stations with the launch of a solar only model to help maximise the performance of solar and agro-meteorological installations.

The new station, the GMX101, is the latest model in Gill’s range of MaxiMet compact weather stations which features an integrated Hukseflux net pyranometer to measure solar radiation. The highly accurate instrument uses a glass protected thermal sensor to provide the amount of light up to 1600 watts per metre².

The GMX101 offers additional benefits over similar sensor types including wave length sensitivity of 300-3000nm covering both long and short wave solar radiation, ISO 9060 2nd Class compliance for recognised accuracy standards, and a built-in digital inclinometer with real-time output to aid installation, maintenance and data quality monitoring.

Uniquely the GMX101 also features many additionally derived parameters, such as sunshine hours calculation without the need for an external logger to provide automatically derived parameters including twilight, position of the sun, sun rise, sunset and solar noon.

Designed for use in agro-meteorological applications and monitoring solar PV panel performance, MaxiMet GMX101 offers users with a superior performance weather station dedicated to tracking solar radiation.


Gill Instruments Ltd – New MaxiMet models have arrived offering additional precipitation options and higher quality data in heavy precipitation

MaxiMet models GMX531 & GMX551

MaxiMet models GMX531 & GMX551


MaxiMet GMX551 offers precipitation measurement via an integrated connector to link with any 0.2mm rain gauge, in addition to temperature, pressure, wind and solar radiation measurement parameters.

The GMX531 provides the same measurement parameters as well as an aerodynamic tipping bucket rain gauge and a 20m cable.


MicroStep-MIS – enlarging family of intelligent chargers with two new state-of-the-art products: SBIM and BIM205


A lot of power in a small case: the new SBIM
SBIM is the newest product from MicroStep-MIS. This intelligent charger is a cost effective solar charger with charging current up to 16 A. It supports automatic detection of 12 V or 24 V lead-acid batteries and its output provide power to connected devices with current up to 5 A. SBIM allows communication through the SDI-12 interface allowing access to necessary important information and also possibility of adjusting various charger parameters. The low power consumption of 8.5 mW improves endurance of the power supply chain.



When each milliampere counts: the new BIM205
BIM205 is MicroStep-MIS’s flagship charger and it is one of the most versatile intelligent chargers on the market. BIM205 supports charging 12 V or 24 V lead-acid batteries from PV (photovoltaic) panel or AC/DC power source. Battery is charged with adjustable current up to 20 A, and BIM205 is able to supply power to connected devices with current up to 5 A. Charging from PV panel is managed by MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function to get the most out of the PV panel. BIM205 provides CC/CV (Constant Current, Constant Voltage) charging mode with temperature compensation of end charge voltage using the external thermometer. BIM205 has two communication interfaces: SDI-12 and RS232 being used to access necessary information. BIM205 has an LCD with backlight function to improve readability and internal protection against overvoltage, overload and reverse polarity connection.


MPS System – introduces self-emptying rain weighing sensor

MPS System rainweighing sensor TRWS4E15
Emptying time less than 1 second
No energy
HIGH accuracy
No blocking
No maintenance
No limit for rain intensity

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HMEI Members have their own newsletters and press releases which help to keep the public up to date. HMEI has recently received information on the publication of the following recent newsletters and press releases:

Press Release – 4 August, 2016… Launch of Extreme Weather Expo alongside InterMET Asia

Extreme Weather Expo to co-locate with InterMET Asia in 2017 with focus on solutions to extreme weather hazards

* Increasingly severe and frequent extreme weather events – flooding, cyclones and typhoons, storm surges, subsidence and landslip – are threatening to overwhelm critical infrastructure and the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in the coming years.

* The problem is especially acute in urban areas and Asia, where urban growth is fastest, is on the front line.

* A new event, Extreme Weather Expo Asia Conference & Exhibition (EWEX), will highlight this extreme weather threat and the potential solutions.

EWEX will be co-located alongside InterMET Asia, the successful meteorology and climate services event from the same organiser, Media Generation Ventures Ltd. It will take place on 21 & 22 March 2017 at Suntec, Singapore, Extreme Weather Expo Asia (‘EWEX’) will be a unique event for the Asia, Africa and Pacific regions dedicated to the technical, engineering, financial and social solutions to mitigating and managing the huge risks posed to society and business by the increasingly intense and frequent extreme weather events that many scientists attribute to climate change.

The EWEX website is here: www.ewex.asia

Conference & Exhibition

The EWEX conference will cover:
• Innovations in thinking, funding, technology and approaches to socio-economic organisation relevant to the design of critical urban infrastructure that is resilient and adaptable to extreme weather.
• Innovations in extreme weather impact early warning and modelling systems.
• Innovations in the use of ICT and Big Data in building resilience and adaptability.
• Key case studies relating to current projects.

The EWEX Exhibition will showcase:
• Companies involved in the design, supply and implementation of infrastructure that is resilient and adaptable to the impact of extreme weather.
• Specialists in the use of innovative technologies, including ICT, the Internet of Things, and Big Data, in the forecasting and modelling of the impact of extreme weather, and in the design of resilient infrastructure.

Why launch EWEX?

A recent report (1) from the World Bank-Global Facility for Disaster Reduction & Recovery (GFDRR) states that annual total damages from disasters, extreme weather-related ones in particular, have been increasing for decades and models show that population growth and rapid urbanisation could put 1.3 billion people and USD158 trillion in assets at risk from the river and coastal floods by 2050.

The problems are especially acute in Asia, where urbanisation is fastest and the impact of extreme weather events such as flooding, subsidence, landslip and drought mean governments must increase investment in resilient and adaptable infrastructure to provide protection.

EWEX Asia will directly address how key infrastructure including water, energy, communications, transport and public health, can be adapted and upgraded to cope with the growing threat of the more frequent and intense extreme weather anticipated in coming years.

The target audience

The co-located show InterMET Asia is the only event in the Asia, Africa and Pacific regions bringing together under one roof a senior audience from more than 25 countries, including the global weather industry, weather affected activities, national met services and development banks. The highly successful annual show is supported by the World Bank and the Global Facility for Disaster Recovery and Reduction (GFDRR), the WMO, the Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry Association (HMEI), the Singapore National Environment Agency and the Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau.

Tony Stephenson, Event Director for both shows, says: “InterMET and EWEX together will form a superb platform for companies looking to showcase their expertise and build business in the areas of resilient and adaptable infrastructure across a range of key sectors and gain access to billions of dollars of investment in the coming years. They offer an unparalleled opportunity for governments, public and private sectors, weather affected business, development banks, insurers, and engineering and construction companies to meet and understand how to meet the challenge of the extreme weather and climate change threat to life, society and economy.”

Ian Harper, Conference Director for both shows, says: “Together InterMET and EWEX will create an end-to-end forum covering key issues from the acquisition, value adding and communication of hydromet data, through to the development of extreme weather early warning systems, and the implementation of key infrastructure that is resilient and adaptable to increasingly intense and frequent extreme weather events.”

For more information:

For exhibitor, visitor and delegate information, contact:

Tony Stephenson, Event Director
tel: +44 (0) 142 352 4545
email: tony@mediageneration.co.uk
website: www.ewex.asia and www.intermet.asia

For information on the conference and to submit presentation proposals, contact:

Ian Harper, Conference Director
tel: +44 (0) 142 352 4545
email: ian@mediageneration.co.uk
website: www.ewex.asia and www.intermet.asia


Press Release – 17 August, 2016 – Sterela’s Neptune maritime automatic weather stations to be used onboard all of EUMETNET’s European fleet

For many years meteorological observations have been carried out on board ships recruited for the World Meteorological Organization’s Voluntary Observing Ship (VOS) Scheme.

These ships were traditionally supplied with meteorological instruments to enable the ship’s staff to manually undertake their weather observations. They have seen in recent years a move to more automation of the observations in order to increase the availability and quality of data.

In 2013 STERELA was selected by EUMETNET to supply the EUCAWS station (EUropean Common Automatic Weather Station). The given trade name by STERELA is Neptune.

Beginning in 2016, deliveries of Neptune stations will reach over 300 by 2019.


Press Release – 30 August, 2016 – HMEI member EEC Delivers Ranger-X5 Radar Systems to NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations StormRanger Fleet!

US-based NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations, a division of NBCUniversal, announced the deployment of the first-of-its-kind fleet of mobile Doppler weather radar trucks, each named StormRanger (CazaTormentas in Spanish). The NBC Owned Television Stations and Telemundo Station Group are the only broadcasters in the country with vehicles carrying the most advanced mobile weather radar system in the nation. Each Ranger-X5 X-Band, Doppler, dual polarization radar, provided by EEC, will gather, in real-time, weather and meteorological information the existing network of fixed radars can miss.

The first StormRanger debuted in the Philadelphia market in late June and will roam the Northeast corridor. Two more StormRangers launched at the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games cover the Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, Southern California, and Bay Area California markets. All three mobile radars will service the NBC- and Telemundo-owned stations throughout the country.

Local audiences will be able track the StormRangers through NBC- and Telemundo-owned stations’ desktop and mobile web sites, and station apps. Additionally, app users will receive push notifications when StormRangers are tracking storms and severe weather in their home market. Having real-time access to this crucial weather information may help viewers better prepare for and keep their families safe from severe weather.

We are boosting our weather forecasting capabilities by building, from scratch, the first-of-its-kind fleet of mobile weather radars in the country because we know how important weather is to our viewers,” said Valari Staab, President, NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations. “All of our stations will have access to this groundbreaking weather technology so they can deliver even more lifesaving weather information to their communities.”

The StormRangers feature a Ranger-X5 X-band, dual polarization, Doppler weather radar with a range of 75 miles fixed atop a Dodge Ram truck. This game-changing technology enables the NBC- and Telemundo-owned stations’ Meteorologists to position the trucks in locations where they can see around terrain that has previously been unreachable by fixed weather radars.

StormRangers-X5 X-band, dual polarization, Doppler weather radar with a range of 75 miles fixed atop a Dodge Ram truck

StormRangers-X5 X-band, dual polarization, Doppler weather radar with a range of 75 miles fixed atop a Dodge Ram truck

This radar technology and mobile configuration is a first for any TV station or network of stations in the U.S,” said Richard Stedronsky, a meteorologist and director of strategic business development and partnerships at EEC. “The NBC and Telemundo owned stations are the first to deploy a fleet of mobile Doppler radars in the nation.”

The StormRanger’s high-resolution and narrow-pulse radars also have the capability to scan storms at the lowest atmospheric layers, allowing meteorologists to determine the exact location of a storm, including its strength, its speed and where it’s headed. Each StormRanger will also be better able to detect snow, light rain, hail, and particles in the atmosphere, as well as tornado debris fields and smoke.

The radar beam from a fixed radar is too high in the atmosphere to see lower weather phenomena, but that’s where severe weather takes place – in the lowest parts of the atmosphere. With StormRanger, you can take your viewers to the weather and gather information that a traditional fixed radar could be missing,” added Stedronsky.

This technology is simply the best of best in mobile weather radar systems,” said Chris Goode, President of EEC. “EEC, in partnership with The Weather Company, is redefining storm-tracking and severe weather coverage with the introduction of this innovative fleet of Ranger-X5 dual polarization radars. Each NBC StormRanger weather team can now provide viewers with second-by-second life-saving information they need to stay ahead of threatening weather events.”


Press Release – 7 September, 2016 – MAWOS from Optical Scientific being installed at Airports in Morocco

Optical Scientific Inc. (OSI) announces the AWS-432 Modular Automated Weather Observing System (MAWOS® ) are being installed at Rabat Sale, Agadir Al Massira, and Guelmim Airports in Morocco. Airport authorities visited OSi in in April for comprehensive Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) for the three MAWOS. The OSi MAWOS all successfully past the FAT and were approved by the end user. The MAWOS® is designed to meet applicable ICAO, FAA and Canadian Aviation Regulations. MAWOS generated WMO reports include METAR, SYNOPTIC, and CLIMAT.

The MAWOS® configurations for Morocco included:
• Meteorological office and controller display in French
• Runway Visual Range
• Dual Visibility and Present Weather Sensors
• Ceilometers
• Dual wind towers and wind sensors
• Temperature
• Dew point’
• Solar radiation
• QNH and QFE
• Vapor Pressure

Example of MAWOS display screen with data labels in French

Example of MAWOS display screen with data labels in French

The OSI MAWOS® is a best value aviation weather system offering high performance at reasonable cost. The system may be configured for all size airports ranging from small landing strips to international airports.


Press Release – 7 September, 2016 – AXYS Selects GSE Rentals as their Rental Services Provider

As part of their international expansion, AXYS Technologies (AXYS), have selected GSE Rentals, a Unique Group company, as their equipment lease partner.

GSE Rentals is a well-respected provider of equipment lease services to the offshore industry,” says Graham Howe, Sales Director for Europe. “Their recent acquisition by the Unique Group, our Value Added Reseller for the Middle East, makes this an excellent choice as part of our strategy of partnering with industry leaders that brings our range of innovative metocean data solutions to the global market.

The TRIAXYS with Currents buoy is an ideal platform for the metocean market and we are pleased to work with AXYS to offer our services to their clients,” says Alan Cameron, General Manager of GSE Rentals. TRIAXYS buoys use a rugged, solid-state wave sensor and feature dual primary telemetry with two-way communications for easy remote diagnostics and configuration changes.

GSE has already provided the TRIAXYS Wave & Current buoy on a range of projects. AXYS plans to build on this foundation with additional systems in the near future.
Click here for more information on the TRIAXYS with Currents Buoy

GSE Rentals, which has been wholly owned by Unique Group since November 2015, is located in Aberdeen, Scotland and has successfully established itself as one of the leading specialists in the short, medium and long-term rental of Geophysical, Hydrographic and Oceanographic equipment to the international marine survey industry. Founded in 1993, Unique Group is among the world’s prominent integrated subsea and offshore solution providers.

AXYS Technologies (AXYS) is an ISO 9001 registered Canadian company with over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of remote environmental monitoring systems worldwide. We apply our knowledge and experience to marine, freshwater, and offshore wind resource assessment systems that measure aquatic, oceanic, and atmospheric parameters specific to clients’ needs. AXYS has built and commissioned more than 500 meteorological and oceanographic systems of various types around the world, in over 50 countries.
For further information: info@axys.com or www.axystechnologies.com


Press Release – 15 September, 2016 – AXYS completes successful sea trials for TRIAXYS g3 Next Generation Wave Sensor

AXYS Technologies (AXYS) is pleased to announce that their next generation TRIAXYS g3 wave sensor has successfully completed a series of rigorous sea trials.

The trials were conducted both in the German Bight and off the West Coast of Canada and used both AXYS’ own TRIAXYS wave buoy and other industry standard buoys as references. The TRIAXYS g3 demonstrated extremely high levels of correlation against all reference buoys, confirming that the TRIAXYS g3 sensor meets AXYS’ high standards of accuracy for wave height and direction measurement.

We are pleased that the TRIAXYS g3 maintains our consistent standard of data excellence while enabling us to introduce new features such as a rolling one minute wave data set, near real time reporting for multiple frequencies, and the capacity to store two years of data on board the sensor,” says Director of Sales, Graham Howe.

The TRIAXYS g3 is a next generation solid state wave sensor which offers, among other new features, frequency partitioning, continuous wave analysis and processing output and refactored messages.

TRIAXYS g3 next generation wave sensor completes successful sea trials

TRIAXYS g3 next generation wave sensor completes successful sea trials

AXYS has already commenced a further series of sea trials with a range of partners across a variety of sea states with the intention of further establishing objective standards for wave measurements that can be relied on by users to support a high degree of measurement accuracy.

To learn more about the results of the sea trials, please view the whitepaper TRIAXYS g3 Wave Sensor Validation available at: http://axystechnologies.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/TRIAXYS-g3-Wave-Sensor-Validation-whitepaper.pdf

AXYS Technologies (AXYS) is an ISO 9001 registered Canadian company with over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of remote environmental monitoring systems worldwide. We apply our knowledge and experience to marine, freshwater, and offshore wind resource assessment systems that measure aquatic, oceanic, and atmospheric parameters specific to clients’ needs. AXYS has built and commissioned more than 500 meteorological and oceanographic systems of various types around the world, in over 50 countries.

For further information contact AXYS at: info@axys.com or www.axystechnologies.com


Press Release – 26 September, 2016 – Biral Contributes to Chinese Approved Meteorological System

The VPF-730 Present Weather and Visibility Sensor from meteorological specialist Biral, has been successfully incorporated into MicroStep-MIS’ IMS4 Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS), which has recently received certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

The IMS4 AWOS has been approved by the CAAC for applications across Chinese airports, to help the organisation to detect and monitor current weather conditions and judge the meteorological impact on operations. The certification approves the MicroStep-MIS IMS4 AWOS, including Biral’s VPF-730, for all new airports in China under the CAAC’s five year plan to build around 10 new international airports and many local airports per year.

Biral Press release photo_26Sept2016

Nathan Neal, Sales and Marketing Director at Biral commented, “We have a long, successful partnership with MicroStep-MIS and supply our sensors to help create some great and innovative instruments and equipment. We are especially pleased to have contributed to their AWOS that has been approved by the CAAC. The overall project will involve some great applications and it will be very rewarding for all involved.”

The MicroStep-MIS IMS4 AWOS utilises Biral’s VPF-730 sensors

The MicroStep-MIS IMS4 AWOS utilises Biral’s VPF-730 sensors

The MicroStep-MIS IMS4 AWOS is designed to measure, process, store, present and communicate meteorological data from an airfield, providing data to observers ATC controllers and pilots in the form of real-time reports. The configuration and structure of the system can be tailored to meet the demand and requirements of each application, depending on the size and category of the airport.

Biral’s VPF-730 sensors have been chosen by MicroStep-MIS for this particular contract, as well as previous projects and installations due to their efficiency, reliability and performance. The sensors are a compact and robust package which makes it particularly suitable for aviation applications where strong winds and other damaging conditions are often present. The VPF-730 allows the AWOS to achieve accurate and reliable results due to its open design, which allows a free passage of air for a greater measurement. The system is also often used for Runway Visual Range (RVR) equipment as it reports on the quality of visibility on the runways.

Further information is available from Biral on +44 1275 847787, email: enquiries@biral.com or by visiting the company’s website at www.biral.com


Press Release – 28 September, 2016 – AXYS Partners with Geomarine

AXYS Technologies Inc (AXYS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Geomarine of as their new Value Added Reseller in Italy.

Based in Senigallia, Italy, Geomarine is part of the DIMMS group, offering technical expertise in offshore environments around the Mediterranean.

The AXYS range of metocean solutions, including the world renowned TRIAXYS family of wave buoys, complements the existing Geomarine range of offerings, enabling them to extend their capacity to support the Italian offshore assessment sector.

Geomarine fit into our strategy of expanding our sales network via local partners where appropriate, giving us a strong presence in the Italian market,” says Graham Howe, AXYS Director of Sales. “We look forward to working with them in the future.”

The partnership with AXYS is a further important step forward that Geomarine srl performs in order to expand his portfolio of highest system level and present itself in the Mediterranean area as a leader supplier of products,” says Vincenzo Mauro, Geomarine Managing Director. “We are proud to partner with AXYS and believe that together we will achieve great results.”

Click here for more information about TRIAXYS wave buoys

About GeoMarine
Based in Senigallia on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Geomarine provides services, solutions and advice on marine and land applications, in particular any geophysical, geotechnical and environmental issues linked to inshore and offshore activities. Based on an assessment of client needs and purposes, the company provides thorough technological support using top-of-the-range instruments.

About AXYS
AXYS Technologies (AXYS) is an ISO 9001 registered Canadian company with over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of remote environmental monitoring systems worldwide. We apply our knowledge and experience to marine, freshwater, and offshore wind resource assessment systems that measure aquatic, oceanic, and atmospheric parameters specific to clients’ needs. AXYS has built and commissioned more than 500 meteorological and oceanographic systems of various types around the world, in over 50 countries. For further information contact AXYS at: info@axys.com or www.axystechnologies.com


July, 2016 – Meteo France International Newsletter
Welcome to their first edition for 2016

July, 2016 – Mission: Water – YSI Magazine
This is the 1st edition of Mission:Water, a magazine featuring the world’s most current water issues and how people are tackling these ever-important challenges.

September, 2016 – Hukseflux Newsletter
See the third quarter edition

September, 2016 – Lufft Post Meteorology
See the latest edition of Lufft Post  

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The International Data Rescue (I-DARE) Portal

The International Data Rescue (I-DARE) Portal provides a single point of entry for information on the status of past and present worldwide to be rescued data and data rescue projects, on best methods and technologies involved in data rescue, and on metadata for data that need to be rescued.

Click here to access I-DAREhttp://www.idare-portal.org/

Source: www.wmo.int

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201 notices of tenders, projects, procurement news and contracts awards from our tender information provider were sent to members during the last quarter.

Please contact the HMEI Secretariat at hmei@wmo.int if you require any further information about this service to members

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FINAL REPORT – WMO/UNEP Dobson Data Quality Workshop, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, 14-18 February, 2011 (published 2016)
The main goals of the workshop were:
– To bring together managers of the archive datasets from the Dobson stations and provide guidance on how to re-evaluate and re-process important past datasets
– To collect the primary (0-level) Dobson datasets and calibration metadata from the stations to be saved in the World Ozone and Ultraviolet Data Center (WOUDC)
– To present the actual scientific themes and results on operation of the Dobson instruments and data quality assurance at the stations given by invited experts.

FINAL REPORT – Coupled Chemistry-Meteorology/ Climate Modelling (CCMM): status and relevance for numerical weather prediction, atmospheric pollution and climate research, Geneva, Switzerland, 23-25 February, 2015 (published 2016)
The global coupled atmosphere–ocean–land–cryosphere system exhibits a wide range of physical and dynamical phenomena with associated physical, biological, and chemical feedbacks that collectively result in a continuum of temporal and spatial variability. Traditional boundaries between atmospheric, oceanic and earth sciences are by and large artificial. This has sparked a new area of research for seamless weather and climate prediction.
The development of numerical models that couple meteorology with atmospheric chemistry and aerosol dynamics within an integrated model system has undergone a rapid evolution in recent years. The motivation is that meteorology has a strong impact on air quality, and in return atmospheric composition has a potentially strong feedback to weather and climate. Relevant questions for the broader communities are related to the impact of air constituents on both air quality and incoming radiation, the modification of weather (cloud formation and precipitation) by natural and anthropogenic aerosol particles, and the impact of climate change on the frequency and strength of such effects and air quality.

FINAL REPORT – European Conference on Meteorology for Aviation, Vienna, Austria, 13-14 October, 2015
The meeting noted that the SES regulations, and their recent extension SES 2+, would have a major impact and would require changes in the way meteorological services are provided as part of the air navigation services by most European Members (both EU and non-EU Members). It was understood that these changes were industry-driven based on the demand for capacity and efficiency and would require all air navigation stakeholders to align their services due to increasing pressure for more competitive and efficient service provision. The meeting underlined that these trends need to be carefully monitored and discussed, given the importance of assuring aviation safety and service quality, and sustaining fair and equitable cost recovery mechanisms.

Clear direction was given for the future of aviation meteorology, in particular the need for full integration of the MET information and services in the global framework presented in the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) and its Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) methodology. The MET Divisional Meeting adopted 29 recommendations that mark the future performance improvements of the MET services throughout the ASBU time blocks with horizon 2028 and beyond. The WMO will be a key stakeholder in the coordinated follow-up action on those recommendations, in particular in providing the necessary scientific and methodological backgrounds for those improvements and organizing respective capacity development with its Member countries. WMO RA VI (Europe) is the arena of vigorous development of new ATM environment, both in technology and regulations, therefore, ECMA-2015 will be an opportunity to coordinate the European response to the MET DIV 2014 and promote a regional cooperation approach.

FINAL REPORT – Executive Council Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction First Session, Geneva, Switzerland, 4-7 April, 2016
The main tasks of the meeting included guidance on the WMO DRR Roadmap, refining the governance arrangements for DRR, and developing procedures when WMO Members are at risk from extreme events.

Report of the Nineteenth Session of the Ocean Observations Panel for Climate (OOPC-19), Majorca, Spain, 6-8 April, 2016
A large focus of the meeting was completing the GCOS Implementation Plan, in addition to progressing activities in the OOPC Work Plan. The first day of the meeting was held jointly with the JCOMM Observations Coordination Group, and hence was focused on discussing the structure and focus of the ocean section of the GCOS IP, and refining the network based actions for the plan. The Second day was focused on further refining the package of Essential Ocean Variable Specification Sheets, particularly ensuring consistent articulation of applications areas, and phenomena to capture. The 3rd Day focused on reviewing the panel’s progress against the Work plan.

FINAL REPORT – 4th Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres (VAAC) Best Practice Workshop, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 25-27 April, 2016
The objectives of the workshop were to discuss improved processes to achieve volcanic ash service delivery harmonization and to follow on the outcomes of the previous Best Practice Workshops.

FINAL REPORT – Project Team and (Reduced) International Organizing Committee (IOC) for the WMO Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment (SPICE), Seventh Session, Toronto, Canada, 11 -15 July 2016
The meeting reviewed the draft final report of SPICE. Break-out sessions were organized to carry out an in-depth review of specific parts of the draft final report and significant time was devoted to improve the text and draft missing sections of the text.
The meeting reviewed several draft recommendations to be later included in the SPICE Final Report and agreed on the way forward to finalize the report prior to TECO-2016, and to share it with the instrument providers.
Click here then click on the report

MEMBER REPORT – Commission for Basic Systems Open Programme Area Group on Integrated Observing Systems Regional Workshop on AMDAR, Panama City, Panama, 17-18 August, 2016
The following report was issued by Mr Bryce Ford from SpectraSensors who is an HMEI representative on the above Expert Team:
The CBS OPAG-IOS Regional Workshop on Aircraft Based Observations was held on 17-18 August 2016 in Panama City, Panama. The session was opened by Mr. Edilberto Bolívar Esquivel Marconi the Director of Dirección de Hidrometeorología (DDH), Panama. Mr. Dean Lockett of the WMO Secretariat also welcomed all participants to the workshop thanking DDH for hosting the event and the USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for their generous support of the workshop. Mr. Stephen Pritchett of the USA National Weather Service (NWS) welcomed participants on behalf of NOAA/NWS and Mr. Frank Grooters, CBS Chair of the Expert Team on Aircraft-Based Observing Systems also welcomed participants.
The workshop consisted of a series of presentations by WMO Member and other experts interspersed with open discussion and questions from users and partners throughout WMO Regions III and IV. An evening programme following a workshop dinner was held the evening of the first day of the workshop with several presentations made by HMEI members working in the area of aircraft-based observations.

Click here for the full report on the WMO CBS ET-ABO Regional Workshop 

FINAL REPORT – 2016 CAP Implementation Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand, 23-24 August, 2016
This was a technical meeting intended solely for information sharing among experts. Accordingly, the 81 Workshop participants from 17 countries represented themselves; they did not formally represent any organizations with which they were affiliated.

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POSTPONED: African Conference on Meteorology for Aviation (ACMA – 2016), Libreville, Gabon 2-4 November 2016
There is an exhibition planned for this conference. More information will be forwarded as it comes to hand.
Details on the revised arrangements for ACMA will be announced by WMO in due course. The conference will, potentially, be rescheduled for 2017.

Group on Earth Forum and Exhibition, 8-10 November, 2016
Venue is unknown at this time. More information will be forwarded when it comes to hand.

Commission for Basic Systems Technical Conference 2016 (CBS TECO 2016), Guangzhou, China, 21 – 22 November, 2016
There is an exhibition planned for CBS TECO. More information will be forwarded when it comes to hand.

16th Session of the WMO Commission for Basic Systems (CBS-16), Guangzhou, China, 23-29 November, 2016
Representatives of invited International Organizations, States with Observer status or other invited participants should ask their international department to send an email to cbs-16@wmo.int with subject “CBS-16 registration” or “CBS-TECO registration” listing the first name, last name and email address of each authorized participant together with a photograph of each participant.

2016 Meeting of the WMO Disaster Risk Reduction Focal Points of Regional Associations, Technical Commissions and Technical Programmes (DRR FP RA-TC-TP), Geneva, Switzerland, 30 November – 2 December, 2016

15th Session of the WMO Commission for Hydrology, Barceló Aran Mantegna Hotel, Via Andrea Mantegna, 130 – 00147 Rome, Italy, 7-13 December, 2016
There is an exhibition planned in conjunction with the 15th Session. A discount has been offered to HMEI members. For information about the exhibition click here

16th Session of WMO Regional Association II (RA-II 16) Asia, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 12-16 February, 2017
An invitation has been forwarded to HMEI members to attend the above session. There is an exhibition planned to be held alongside the meeting. More information will be forwarded when it comes to hand.

17th Session of WMO Regional Association IV (RA-IV) North America and Caribbean, April, 2017
Exact dates and venue are unknown at this time. More information will be forwarded when it comes to hand.

17th Session for the WMO Commission for Atmospheric Sciences, Indonesia, July, 2017
Exact dates and venue are unknown at this time. More information will be forwarded when it comes to hand.

5th Session of the Joint WMO-IOC Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology – JCOMM-5, Indonesia, 25 October – 1 November, 2017
Exact dates and venue are unknown at this time. More information will be forwarded when it comes to hand.

17th Session of WMO Regional Association V (South-West Pacific), December, 2017
Exact dates and venue are unknown at this time. More information will be forwarded when it comes to hand.

17th Session of the WMO Commission for Climate, March, 2018
Exact dates and venue are unknown at this time. More information will be forwarded when it comes to hand.

17th Session of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology, Korea, April, 2018
Exact dates and venue are unknown at this time. More information will be forwarded when it comes to hand.

HMEI Members who would like to represent HMEI at the above meetings please contact the HMEI Executive Secretary at their earliest convenience.

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Ocean Optics XXIII, Victoria, BC, Canada, 23-28 October, 2016
The conference attracts a diverse audience of active practitioners in this field including oceanographers, marine ecologists, limnologists, optical engineers, marine resource managers, and policy professionals from around the world.

Conference topics will include the science of optics across all aquatic environments, research and applications including (but not limited to) Biogeochemistry, Environmental Management and Applications, Instruments, Techniques and Observational Systems, Remote Sensing, Phytoplankton Ecology, Radiative transfer and Optical Theory, Global Change, and Benthic Processes.

SPARC Polar Stratospheric Cloud Initiative (PSCi) Meeting, Bern, Switzerland, 24-28 October, 2016
SPARC (Stratosphere-troposphere Processes And their Role in Climate) is a core project of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP). Founded in 1992, SPARC has coordinated high-level research activities related to understanding Earth system processes for over two decades. More specifically, SPARC promotes and facilitates cutting-edge international research activities on how chemical and physical processes in the atmosphere interact with climate and climate change.

Eco Expo Asia 2016, Hong Kong, 26-29 October, 2016
Eco Expo Asia is a premier trade platform in Asia dedicated to global green innovations covering the entire environmental technology spectrum. The fair specialises in the business-to-government (B2G) and business-to-business (B2B) sectors, and provides exhibitors direct access to the Chinese mainland and other emerging Asian markets.

The 2nd Annual WeatherTech GCC, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 1-2 November, 2016
WeatherTech GCC will provide a unique platform in the GCC for specialists to share best practice, evaluate solutions and implement innovations in weather forecasting and climate change to ensure achievement of current and future development objectives. This innovative and specialised event will provide an opportunity for meteorologist, scientists, policy makers and creative thinkers to generate solutions to overcome challenges, develop future strategy and to guide improvement.

This event will build on the success of the 2015 event that brought together 120 attendees from seven nations over two days. The 2nd Annual WeatherTech GCC will facilitate accurate and next-generation weather forecasting and climate-change measurement technologies and services. WeatherTech GCC will support economic development, enable future sustainability and help to mitigate weather risk to industry and individuals.

7th International Conference and Exhibition on Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring (WWEM) 2016, Telford, UK, 2-3 November, 2016
WWEM is the specialist event for the water, wastewater and environmental monitoring community. WWEM is focused on measurement, testing and analysis for the water and wastewater and environmental industry. From test kits to process measurement, laboratory analysis right through to fixed and portable gas detection, if your work involves Monitoring,testing or working with water you need to be at WWEM.

Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference, Fortaleza, Ceará State, Brazil, 3-11 November, 2016

28th AMS Conference on Severe Local Storms, Portland, OR, USA, 7 – 11 November 2016

AgWATEC Spain, Seville, Spain, 7-9 November, 2016
AgWATEC Spain 2016 is the International Exhibition & Conference on Agriculture and Water Technology taking place in Seville, Spain. The event is an initiative to promote cooperation between the Spanish and international companies. Spain in general and Andalusia region in particular are well established with world class infrastructure, organizations and technologies in Water, Agriculture technology and environmental control industries. The event will be a unique opportunity for companies to show case their achievements to potential clients and partners and for all professionals dealing with Water, Agriculture technologies and environmental control to discuss, create new joint ventures and partnerships.

IV International Trade Fair “Industrial Ecology-2016”, Kiev, Ukraine, 8-10 November, 2016
The main purpose of the exhibition: introduction of the latest scientific and technical achievements in the production environment to ensure the environmental safety of natural environment. We invite industrial and commercial enterprises in different fields to share their achievements and present products relevant to the following subject areas: – environmental monitoring and assessment of environmental pollution; – industrial air purification; – waste and recycling of industrial solid (technology, machinery and equipment); – methods for decontamination and remediation of soil; – technology of sound insulation and noise; – electromagnetic and radiation emissions; – treatment of toxic and radiological waste; – environmentally technologies and production.

2016 AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference, Orlando, FL, USA, 13-17 November, 2016
Join the American Water Resources Association for a conference full of information on the latest national and local water resources topics, along with four days of productive community building, conversation, and connections while enjoying what Orlando offers.

Topic areas such as Hydrology, Climate Change, Integrated Water Resources Management, Alternative Water Supplies, Environmental Restoration, Information Management and Tools, Water and Energy Nexus, Stormwater Management, Water Quality, and more will be covered at the conference.

CLIVAR-PIRATA-PREFACE Tropical Atlantic Variability Conference and PREFACE General Assembly 2016, Paris, France, 28 November – 2 December, 2016
Combining European and African expertise in observations, modelling, and marine ecosystems to improve understanding and capabilities to predict Tropical Atlantic climate and its impacts.

HYDROEXPO ROME 2016, Rome, Italy, 7-13 December, 2016
HYDROEXPO ROME 2016, an exhibition of meteorological and hydrological instruments and equipment will take place in conjunction with the 15th Session of the WMO Commission for Hydrology. The exhibition will take place at the Barceló Aran Mantegna Hotel in Rome.

49th American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 12-16 December, 2016
Fall Meeting brings together the entire Earth and space science community from across the globe for discussions of emerging trends and the latest research. The technical program includes presentations on new and cutting-edge science, much of which has not yet been published, meaning you’ll return to work with knowledge you can’t get anywhere else.

97th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington, USA, 22-26 January, 2017

Workshop on Arctic Change and Its Influence on Mid-Latitude Climate and Weather, Washington, DC, USA, 1-3 February, 2017
The meeting is open to the science community interested in contributing to the discussion. The workshop is limited to 100 attendees, including invited speakers. Participants will be able to submit an abstract for a poster and be required to fill out a brief application to attend. The Organizing Committee encourages participation by scientists of diverse ethnicity, career stage, institution type, and gender and will make a final decision about attendees in September.

IACS Scientific Assembly 2017, Wellington, New Zealand, 12 – 17 February 2017
One of the primary goals of IACS is to promote the Cryospheric Sciences through scientific exchange. Thus, much effort goes into also promoting and sponsoring workshops and symposia organized by its Divisions, Working Groups as well as by other organizations.

InterMET Asia 2017 and Extreme Weather Expo, Suntec, Singapore, 21-22 March, 2017

Extreme Weather Expo to co-locate with InterMET Asia in 2017 with focus on solutions to extreme weather hazards

EWEX will be co-located alongside InterMET Asia, the successful meteorology and climate services event from the same organiser, Media Generation Ventures Ltd. It will take place on 21 & 22 March 2017 at Suntec, Singapore, Extreme Weather Expo Asia (‘EWEX’) will be a unique event for the Asia, Africa and Pacific regions dedicated to the technical, engineering, financial and social solutions to mitigating and managing the huge risks posed to society and business by the increasingly intense and frequent extreme weather events that many scientists attribute to climate change.

The Asia-Pacific region continues to represent more than 25% of the global weather equipment market. InterMET gives companies direct access to influential buyers and claim your share of this important market. As the frequency of extreme weather events increases, national hydro-meteorological services and weather affected industries are investing heavily in the latest weather forecasting technologies.

The organizers are pleased to offer members of HMEI preferential rates for exhibition packages. HMEI members will receive a preferential early bird 10% discount for InterMET Asia. In addition new exhibitors will receive a 5% discount while loyal exhibitors have already been offered a further 10% early bird discount.

Please note there are deadlines to these offers eg the early bird loyalty rate expires 31 July and the HMEI offer will end 30 October, so members should book early to secure these rates and as the floor plan is already filling up fast!

Flood & Coast 2017, Telford, UK, 28-30 March, 2017
The second edition of Flood and Coast is again led by the UK Environment Agency, the event will draw together key stakeholders from the flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCRM) community, including local authorities, infrastructure owners, consultancies, contractors, businesses, community groups and universities. Join more than 1500 fellow professionals to exchange a broad range of perspectives on innovation and best practices in FCRM.

Gulf Environmental and Sustainable Development Forum – GEF 2017, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 4-6 April, 2017
The GCC Environmental and Sustainable Development Forum, GEF, was originally launched in 2010. Since the first edition, GEF has grown in popularity and prestige over the years to assert its position as Saudi Arabia’s flagship environmental event.

The return of GEF in 2017, will be held under the initiative of The General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection and will once again combine an international exhibition with a strategic conference as well as a prestigious awards ceremony.

37th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA-17), Montreal, Canada, 4-7 April, 2017
Climate change represents a key challenge to the sustainability of global ecosystems and human prosperity in the 21st century. Climate change goes beyond project impacts, as it affects many diverse global issues: from water, food, and energy security to impacts on human rights and vulnerable peoples. Global climate change raises important questions of international and intergenerational justice.

WeatherTech Med, Casablanca, Morocco, 10-11 April, 2017
WeatherTech Med 2017 will provide a dedicated regional platform to facilitate interaction and knowledge-share between national meteorological services, weather stakeholders, authorities, scientists, meteorologists, research institutes and laboratories, insurances, consultants and technical specialist. This industry leading event will support optimisation of next-generation technology to revolutionise the collection, analysis and distribution of weather forecasting data in the Mediterranean region.

10th WESTPAC International Scientific Conference, Qingdao, China, 17-20 April, 2017
This Conference will offer an essential opportunity in the region for marine scientists, ocean institutions and their countries to advance marine scientific knowledge, catalyze multi- and cross-disciplinary collaborations with a view to addressing challenges that countries in this region are facing, including these in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the dedicated Goal 14 for the ocean: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017, Vienna, Austria, 23–28 April 2017
The EGU General Assembly 2017 will bring together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. The EGU aims to provide a forum where scientists, especially early career researchers, can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geoscience. The EGU is looking forward to cordially welcoming you in Vienna.

25th International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution, Cadiz, Spain, 25-27 April, 2017
The Air Pollution conference in this series have discussed and considered many important air pollution issues and the international nature of the attendees has ensured that the conference findings and conclusions enjoy a wide and rapid dissemination amongst the air pollution science and policy communities. Air pollution issues remain one of the most challenging problems facing the international community. The series has demonstrated the wide spread nature of the air pollution phenomena and has explored in depth the impacts of air pollution on human health and the environment.

PAGES’ 5th Open Science Meeting (OSM), Zaragoza, Spain, 9-13 May, 2017
The OSM is an international and multi-disciplinary platform for sharing latest research results on past global changes and the venue for discussing and defining the role of past global change science in the coming years.

The theme of the OSM is “Global Challenges for our Common Future: a paleoscience perspective.”

This meeting will fully reflect the PAGES structure and themes of climate, environment and humans, the strengthening of the connections between PAGES working groups and the increasing importance of an interdisciplinary approach.

Conference on Regional Sea-level Changes and Coastal Impacts, New York, USA, 10-15 July, 2017
The major outcome from the conference will be an assessment of the current state of the sea level science, an outline of future research requirements for improving our understanding of sea-level rise and variability and a description of the observational requirements (both experimental and sustained systematic observations). The outcome will specifically include a report specifying the information on coastal seal level change required by coastal communities for adaptation and decision making purposes. The report will consider traditional observational techniques (e.g. tide gauges), as well as recent observational techniques (e.g. radar and laser altimetry, satellite gravimetry). The organizers envision that the conference will serve as a basis for a new assessment of the state of the art on regional sea level research that will be input to the next IPCC assessment.

Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (IMBER) – Ocean Outlook conference: Seeing under water, Woods Hole, MA, USA, 19-21 April, 2017

IAPSO – IAMAS – IAGA joint Assembly, Cape Town, South Africa, 27 August – 1 September, 2017

The International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans (IAPSO) promotes the study of the physical sciences of the oceans and the interactions taking place at the sea floor, coastal, and atmospheric boundaries by organising international forums and publishing written materials for ocean scientists throughout the world. Commissions, sub-committees, and workshops encourage new and advanced international research activities. In addition, IAPSO provides basic services such as the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level and the IAPSO Standard Seawater Service. IAPSO collaborates closely with UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) and ICSU’s Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR). The president of IAPSO is a member of the SCOR Executive Committee as is the president of IAMAS.

The International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS) promotes research in all atmospheric sciences, especially programmes requiring international co-operation. IAMAS leads the Alliance for Capacity Transfer (ACT) – a joint activity of IUGG, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), and the U.S. University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). IAMAS is composed of 10 International Commissions on the following topics:
• Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution (ICACGP)
• Atmospheric Electricity (ICAE)
• Climate (ICCL)
• Clouds and Precipitation (ICCP)
• Dynamic Meteorology (ICDM)
• Middle Atmosphere (ICMA)
• Planetary Atmospheres and their Evolution (ICPAE)
• Polar Meteorology (ICPM)
• Ozone (IOC)
• Radiation (IRC)

The International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA) welcomes scientists to join in research of magnetism and Aeronomy of the Earth, of other bodies of the solar system, and of the interplanetary medium and its interaction with these bodies. IAGA sponsors workshops, symposia, and research efforts through INTERMAGNET to modernize and standardize global observations of the Earth’s magnetic field.

98th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas, USA, 7-11 January, 2018

2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, Oregon, 11-16 February 2018
The Ocean Sciences Meeting will consist of a diverse program covering topics in all areas of the ocean sciences discipline.

HMEI Members who would like to represent HMEI at the above meetings please contact the HMEI Executive Secretary at their earliest convenience.

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WMO Publication: MeteoWorld, September, 2016
Topics covered: – Governments adopt Windhoek Declaration – Group Training on Instrument Maintenance and Calibration – Bolstering Food Security in Cameroon through Climate Services – Applications of Weather and Climate Information for the Energy Sector

CLIVAR September Bulletin, 2016

CLIVAR August Bulletin, 2016

WMO Publication: The WIGOS Newsletter, Volume 2, No.3 – July 2016

WMO Publication: MétéoMonde, June, 2016

(French language version)

WMO/GAW Aerosol Measurement Procedures, Guidelines and Recommendations, 2nd Edition 2016

WMO Publication: Weather, Climate and Hydrological services: how WMO supports the 2030 agenda for sustainable development, 2016

Abstract: Weather, climate and water can either disrupt sustainable development or advance it. The providers of weather, climate, hydrological, marine and related environmental services therefore have a critical role to play in assisting countries to implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). High-quality meteorological services empower decision-makers to better manage agriculture, public health, water resources, energy production, transportation and other sectors that are critical for national development.

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